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Eat Shop Portland - 4th Edition

The Indispensible Guide to Stylishly Unique,Locally Owned Eating and Shopping

November 2006

i have a little rule for myself when i'm working on these guides: do not buy things. often the business owners see me grimacing or twitching as i'm refraining from the need to own. but at canoe, i broke down—in a big way. i started with an egg-shaped bird feeder for my mother's birthday, then i just started piling things at the register. sean was valiantly trying to gift wrap my ever-growing mound, but soon was begging for mercy. i just couldn't stop, because canoe is an absolute candyland for anybody who loves good design. there's nothing here i don't want—so sean, beware... i'll be back soon with a shopping cart.

heath ceramics
kristian vedel birds
tivoli audio model one radio
chemex water kettle
joe cariati glass
beautiful design books
cedar sake cups