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Braun Alarm Clock LED Digital

In design circles, the "Braun Style" is typified by crisp geometry and no-nonsense functionality -- overall a rather, well, German approach. Dietrich Lubs, along with Dieter Rams was responsible for establishing Braun as a benchmark design company from the 1950s through the 1990s. Braun's decision to re-issue its clock collection met with the approval of Lubs, who credits the clocks' functionally-oriented designs for their continued relevance. The 2011 clocks are based on the original designs with slight modifications, bringing them into the 21st Century.

    • Designer
    • Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs
    • Country of Design
    • Germany
    • Dimensions
    • 2.25"L x .75"W x 2.25"H
$ 40.00

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