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Bruk Tumblers

Hailing from esteemed Swedish glassworks Kosta Boda, the concept for the new Bruk tumblers is firmly grounded in the Scandinavian ideal of everyday good design. Available in two sizes, the glasses are ideal for almost any beverage or occasion--from morning juice to afternoon lemonade to evening beer. The signature cross design is more than just a decorative flourish: the grooves provide extra grip, allow water to drain off optimally, and make the glasses truly stackable--no more chips or scratches from glasses sticking to one another. All in all, Bruk is an excellent combination of elegance and utility. Dishwasher safe.

    • Designer
    • Anna Ehrner
    • Country of Design
    • Sweden
    • Dimensions
    • 3"H x 3"D
$ 15.00

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