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Sapper Whistling Tea Kettle

Sapper Whistling Tea Kettle

This iconic design was the first "designer" tea kettle produced by Alessi. Created by German-born industrial designer Richard Sapper, its most notable feature is the highly distinctive two-tone whistle that sounds when the water inside the kettle is boiling. Sapper is said to be inspired by the train whistles of his youth, as well as a desire to create a pleasantly melodious whistle quite unlike the shrill whistles found on other kettles. The kettle boils rapidly due to the copper bottom which conducts heat exceptionally well.

    • Designer
    • Richard Sapper
    • Country of Design
    • Italy
    • Year of Design
    • 1983
    • Dimensions
    • 8"H x 6.5"D
$ 340.00
2 qt. 4 oz.

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