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Zippo Armor Lighters
Zippo Armor Lighters

Zippo Armor Lighters

Founded in 1932, Zippo produces lighters that are an American icon and probably the best selling in the world. Still manufactured in Pennsylvania today, this special, heavy-walled 'Armor' version features a case that is 1.5 times as thick as the standard Zippo. The result is a lighter with an exceptionally pleasing heft and balance, and increased durability against denting. Choose sleek polished chrome for a classic look or tumbled brass and brushed chrome for their unique warmth and texture. Not just for smoking, use the Zippo Armor around the house for lighting candles, incense, or kindling.

    • Country of Design
    • USA
    • Dimensions
    • 2.25"L x 1.5"W
$ 22.00

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