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Arzberg ‘Form 1382’ Teapot

Arzberg ‘Form 1382’ Teapot

While it may seem simple to the casual observer, designing dinnerware is notoriously difficult due to the complex curves of each piece and the delicate balance of proportions as they relate to one another. Here is one design that gets the equation right: Form 1382. Based on Bauhaus design principles, it is considered a modern design classic. Made of high quality porcelain in Germany, where it has remained a best seller for over 75 years. The Arzberg Teapot stands on its own, with its simple geometric shapes and a timeless appeal. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

    • Designer
    • Hermann Gretsch
    • Country of Design
    • Germany
    • Year of Design
    • 1931
    • Dimensions
    • 6.25"H x 5.5"D
$ 79.00
1.3 quart

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