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Stormy Kromer Caps

Stormy Kromer Caps

George “Stormy” Kromer, a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer, asked his wife to sew earflaps onto an old wool baseball cap for wintertime use. The Stormy Kromer cap was born. Over 100 years later, the snug fitting cap is still produced in Ironwood, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where it gets more than just a wee bit cold. Patented construction and high quality natural materials make it an enduring classic—it even comes with a lifetime guarantee. This cap has become a favorite in our Portland shop with a wide range of customers--men and women, young and old--due in no small part to it's outdoorsy but surprisingly stylish looks. 80% recycled wool / 20% nylon. 100% cotton lining.

    • Designer
    • George “Stormy” & Ida Kromer
    • Country of Design
    • USA
    • Year of Design
    • 1903
$ 40.00
Black, Small Size 7.25

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